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Caramel Hair Color Ideas

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Change the color of your hair or give a little lowlight and highlight can give a difference look on you. The natural hair… more »

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Change the color of your hair or give a little lowlight and highlight can give a difference look on you. The natural hair color may make you much fresher and give a dramatic change. But, it is important to determine what the best hair color for you depend on your eyes color and skin tone. Caramel hair color ideas may look good for some people. For more information about caramel hair color ideas, let’s check this out!

Caramel Hair Color Ideas: The Skin Tones

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Different skin tones have different best shade of hair color. If you have blue or pink undertones, it is better for you to choose blonds, reds and browns. For contrast, honey, golden or ash highlight will be great. The red undertones work well with golden base or honey brown. And, for yellow undertones you should stay away from golden hair color. The caramel is a family of light brown shade. So, this hair color may be worked for pink or blue undertones and red undertones. The caramels lowlights can make you’re the red undertones skin appear less red and give your hair a sun-kissed appearance.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights or Highlights

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If you have blonde bases hair color, you may look more flattering with caramel lowlights. Basically, lowlights are placed at the back of your hair. Lowlights can bring a new dimension and give depth and warmth of your hair color. But, if you have dark hair such as black and dark brown, you can use caramel shades as the highlights. The highlights can help you to brighten up your dark hair. Typically, the highlights are placed at the front of head such as bangs and some sections of hair that framing your face.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas: The Coloring

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You may like to go to the salon to get the professional service. The lowlight and highlight probably should do by the professional hairstylist with great skill. But, if you want to get highlight or lowlight at home, you can use a highlighting or lowlighting kit that available at the market. You should decide the place of your highlight or lowlight before apply the hair color. Always protect your hand with rubber glove and protect your cloth and skin as much as possible with old towel. Read the manufacturer’s directions on the hair coloring or kit box. When it comes to highlight or lowlight, it is better for you to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas: The Maintenance

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When you have color-treated hair, it is better for you to choose a shampoo and conditioner that designed for color-safe. Because the chemicals in the dye, the color-treated hair can become dry. To help retain moisture on your hair, wash your hair every other day and conditioning with nutrient-rich conditioner. Leave the conditioner for at least 15 minutes before you rinse it out. To restore moisture, apply a hot-oil treatment. Avoid the split ends of your hair, trim your hair every three months.


Caramel Hair Color Ideas Image Gallery

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